Limeni, an ornament in Mani

Limeni a traditional village

The beautiful Limeni is a seaside village in Mani and one of the most beautiful and traditional settlements in the area. It is located 41 km from Kardamili in a beautiful 50-minute drive and is worth a visit.


Limeni a traditional village


Limeni, which is the port of Areopoli, is generally recognized as one of the finest residential complexes of Lakoniki Mani. In recent years the village has grown in tourist development.

The palace of Petrobey Mavromichalis with its four-story Tower and its arched openings dominates in Limeni village. Petrobey Mavromichalis was Mani’s last ruler (Bey), who played a leading role during the revolutionary and post-revolutionary times. He was born in Areopoli in 1765, under Ottoman rule, and in 1814 he was appointed by the High Gate as the Bey of Mani. On March 17, 1821, he head of five thousand Maniatas who advanced along with other chieftains in the liberation of Kalamata. This is where the liberation struggle of the Greeks began. Visitors also have the chance to see the tower, the tomb and the bust of the famous maniacal military leader and politician.

Fish tavern in Limeni


Most of the beach in Limeni is rocky, even in the sea. If someone wants to find a long beach he can go to the sandy beach between Neo Itilo and Karavostasi. In addition to Petrobey’s Palace and beautiful landscapes, the visitor will also see picturesque churches like the church of Agios Sostis.

Limeni a traditional village

The area has scenic taverns with fresh fish for which Limeni is very famous. Also has relaxing places in front of the sea that stretches out on your feet. Put your excursion into the area and you will not regret it!

Limeni is located 5 km from the caves of Diros and is an ideal combining excursion with the caves.