Foneas (Killer) Beach and its scary name

Foneas beach from above

Mani is a strangely charming place, with its wild natural beauty and imposing stone landscape. It is famous for its picturesque villages and its beautiful beaches located at the foot of Taygetos.

A dreamy beach located close to Kardamili is the beach of Foneas. The beach of Foneas is located in Western Mani, only 4 km outside Kardamili, in the middle of the beautiful route Kalamata-Areopolis. You have to cross a path and peek behind some trees to see it.

Foneas beach Messinian Mani

The gorge of Noupanti

The beach of Foneas is the end of the homonymous gorge, which the locals call the Gorge of Noupanti. It starts from the Monastery of Vaidenitsa and ends, after about 8 km, at the crystal clear beach.

The inhabitants of the neighboring villages (Saidona, Exochori, Proastio) call the Gorge of Foneas “Noupanti”, which in old Greeks is synonym to arrangement,  because in the old days the meetings and the wedding arrangements of the neighborhoods took place there.

Foneas beach

The pirate who gave his name

The name Foneas in Greek means the Killer. The legend wants a pirate to be shipwrecked on the beach and find shelter in her cave. To survive, he killed passers-by to rob them. When he managed to repair his ship, he set sail again, leaving a grim legacy of the name.

The beach today

It is beautiful with crystal clear water beach, with pebbles that give you endless moments of swimming and relaxation. It is full of trees and rocks that create a special setting. The most characteristic of the beach that you will see in many photos is the large rock that is located there. It is in the middle of the bay and from there you will see many swimmers taking their dives.